Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Scout & Molly are adopted!

We are thrilled to announce that, after a long and bumpy road, Scout & Molly have finally found a forever home to call their own. While today was bittersweet for Marcie & Matt, putting the dogs on the bus headed north means Scout and Molly's long-awaited dream of a family of their own has finally come true.

Ti & Brian are newlyweds that both grew up with dogs in their lives. As they begin their new life together, it felt like the right time to add a furry family member (though they do have one furbaby already, Elvis the Guinea pig!). When looking for a dog, they began wondering if a bonded pair of dogs would better suit their needs. Ti emailed Great Dog Rescue to inquire about Scout & Molly, and the rest is history. The more they learned, the more excited they became. After a long conversation with Marcie, Ti & Brian decided this super-special pair was just what they had in mind!

We are so excited to finally be sending Scout & Molly "home" to a family that already has so much love for them. This opens a new chapter for them, and we'll be watching to see the excitement that bring!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those that contributed both to Scout & Molly's care, and to Great Dog Rescue New England. Without such an outpouring of generosity, these dogs would not have made it out of that Georgia shelter alive.

And to Marcie & Matt, your generosity and kindness will never be forgotten. We are so very greatful for all you've done.

Stay tuned for frequent updates of Scout & Molly in their new home! We'll let you know when they make it up north safely (and will have pictures too!), and Ti will be taking over the blog so we can all watch Scout & Molly enjoy their new life with this amazing family!

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