Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bad News for Molly

Yesterday, Marcie noticed that Molly's good eye was very red and swollen. She also noticed the spot where her other eye used to be was also red and swollen. Since Molly had just completed a round of antibiotics for her conjunctivitis, we assumed it was residual infection. Marcie dropped her at the vet's office this morning, and unfortunately, she received some bad news about Molly's previous eye surgery:

"...she will more than likely need surgery [again] this Friday. The eye specialist said it looks like the vet who removed the eye didn't remove all the tear ducts. So she is still producing tears and it's causing fluid buildup and has no way to drain....She pulled some of the fluid and is testing it to make sure it's not infected. She didn't see any puss - so that's a good thing...They will go in and clean out her eye to make sure everything is removed and clean. Then she will remove part of the eye lid that the previous vet left so her incision will be very clean and flat."

Molly's surgery will cost between $200 and $250, and is being scheduled for this Friday. Donation information can be found at the top of this blog. Every little bit helps, and Molly thanks you for caring!

In addition to the information above, we want to let you all know that we have begun reaching out to local media outlets in the hopes that Scout and Molly's story can reach as many people as possible. Sadly, we have not yet received any applications for potential adopters for the pair. They are thriving with Marcie & Matt, but it's been a long road, and the two are ready for their own forever home. Please, take a moment to forward the blog link to as many friends and family members as you can. They are incredibly sweet and loving pups, and deserve another chance at life.

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