Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Scout & Molly Pictures!

Scout and Molly continue to make huge strides! Scout is a total ham, and Molly is really opening up now. Here's an email update from Marcie:

"They loved meeting Matt's parents this weekend. And, my sister came over with her dog and Layla the beagle. They had a blast. I tried to get pictures of Molly playing but she's afraid of the camera...
Miss Molly is doing much better with Matt. I've been having him walk Scout and I walk with Molly. Before, Molly would tuck her tail and try to get as far away from Matt as possible. But, now she wants to walk beside him. If he tries to talk to her, she gets nervous. But, she is definately showing interest in getting to know him..."
And below are some great new pictures of the two:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Waggin Tails!

Scout and Molly are doing wonderfully! Scout has always been a happy, waggy, loving boy, and continues to thrive with Marcie and Matt loving on him. Molly is also becoming a happy, waggy girl! Here's an email update from Marcie:

"...Miss Molly is becoming very spunky! She was tring to play the whole time we were walking this morning. Then, she saw a bird and tried to chase it. She's turning into a nut just like Scout."

Scout and Molly will be staying with Marcie and Matt a bit longer, as we have been unable to find them a foster home together in the NE area. If you or anyone you know might be able to foster them, or wishes to adopt this sweet pair, please visit www.gdrne.com and fill out an adoption application. Scout and Molly are healthy and ready for their forever home!

On another note, Great Dog Rescue is holding a Meet & Greet on Saturday June 27th from 11-1 at 259 Ayer Rd. in Harvard, MA. If you've been searching for a furry companion, or are interested in fostering or volunteering, please join us! We'll have lots of cutie pies available for snuggling!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Big news for Molly!

Molly has some very exciting news to share! She had a big night last night! Here's an email we received from Marcie:

...I had to tell you about Molly :-) I came home today and was playing with Scout as usual. Molly was watching from the kennel with the door open. She all of the sudden ran out and stood on her back legs with her little feet on my chest and looked right at my face! She has never done this before. Then, she play bowed to Scout and started running after him and play nipping at him :-) It was one of the most wonderful things I've ever seen. To see how afraid she was when we first got her just days ago and to see her run and play like a normal puppy was overwhelming. I calmed her down because I know she has to take it easy for awhile because of the HW. Then she went over and picked out a nylabone and started chewing on it. She wouldn't touch any of her toys before... I really think that once she has settled into their forever home, she will have an amazing personality. Scout loved it too. He was so happy to finally have her play with him. He's tried to get her to over the past days - but, she wasn't super interested.

But wait...that's not all of Molly's big news. There's more!

And, she finally took a treat from Matt. She has been so afraid of men that she wouldn't even take chicken from him. Yesterday he put a treat down in front of her and took a few steps back - she took it and seemed very happy. I'm so proud of her!

Scout is such a happy, playful, carefree pup, and now it seems Molly is following suit! Obviously, she's on the path to recovery from her eye surgery, spay and Heartworm treatment.

Anyone would be lucky to call these two their own. These dogs deserve the best life possible, and Great Dog Rescue is committed to making sure their wish comes true! Please visit their PetFinder listing (link in yesterday's post), and help us spread the word about these two babies!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another big day!

Scout & Molly were listed on Petfinder last night. Today marks the official start of their adoption!! Check out their listing here:


Scout & Molly will only be adopted out as a pair. They are so incredibly attached to one another and we believe the key to their happy life is keeping them together. Please spread the word to family and friends in New England! If you are interested in adopting these two sweethearts, please fill out an Adoption Application and Tracey will contact you soon!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get along little doggies...

Scout and Molly are preparing for their transport up north! While Marcie and Matt will be sad to say goodbye, they are excited to see the pups find their forever home together! Great Dog Rescue is extremely appreciative for the kindness, patience, and sheer love Marcie and Matt have shown these two during their time together. While Scout has been improving daily, and has turned into quite the "stinker" (as Marcie so lovingly calls him), Matt has worked tirelessly with Molly to show her that men are caring and loving creatures too. Marcie tells us that Molly is coming out of her shell more and more each day, and she has no doubts that she'll be just fine. Had it not been for the affection and attention from Marcie and Matt, these two surely would not have made such huge strides in such a short amount of time. The world needs more people like Marcie and Matt.

Scout & Molly will begin their travels on Tuesday next week. We will continue to update the blog with their progress. In the meantime, enjoy these pics of the sweet lil' hound dawgs!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New dogs, new tricks...

It's been a week since our last update. Scout and Molly are doing wonderfully with Marcie and Matt! Shy little Molly is really starting to come out of her shell, and Scout is always hard at work, eager to please. Both are recovering beautifully from their surgeries, and will be ready for their journey to New England early next week. Here's an email update from Marcie:

Poor little Scout had an accident last night - in my running shoe! I took them both out to potty when I got home from work. We came back inside and I was going to play with them for a bit before feeding them dinner. Scout ran over to the door and stood on his back legs and hit it with his paw I thought he just wanted to walk longer. So, I turned my back for a second to talk to Molly - when I looked back at Scout, he was pooping in my shoe by the door! I grabbed him and we went outside to finish. It was really my fault. I think he was trying to tell me he had to go and I missed the sign. He's so smart. They're both really catching on to being house trained.

They're both doing great today. Molly actually tried to run a little on our walk and her tail and head were both held high! That's a big deal for her. She used to always walk around with her tail between her legs and her little head down. I was so proud of her!

Here are some pictures of the two little cutie pies!

Loving their walks...
The handsome Mr. Scout...

Miss Molly regaining her strength. So many surgeries for such a small girl, but she's definately on the mend!

We should mention here that Scout is quite the Ladies' Man! This is Scout loving on Marcie's sister, Rachel. While Scout does love to snuggle and play with Matt, it's apparent he prefers the ladies!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Car rides and tail waggin'!

Alicia and her husband Jason, who picked Scout and Molly up from the shelter and drove them the first leg of the trip, are currently on vacation. But that didn't stop Alicia from sending in the following adorable pictures from her part of the transport. Enjoy!

Here's Little Miss Molly, excited to be on her way to happiness!

And Scout was just as excited...

Molly was a little tired...

So she snuggled down next to her brother...

Scout and Molly say "Thanks for the lift guys!".

Starting to Feel the Love...

Scout and Molly were spayed and neutered yesterday, and both did remarkably well! Marcie called to check in on them after lunch, and though she had originally planned to leave them there for the night to recouperate, she decided they needed to be home with her and Matt. Here's an email that Marcie sent this morning:

Both pups are doing much better today :-) Scout acts as if nothing happened. Molly is still uncomfortable I think; but, she had a very good appetite last night and this morning. Scout wouldn't eat dinner - but he did have breakfast.

They have not had one accident while they've been with us! And, I know they have to potty because when we go outside they tinkle and tinkle. I'm trying to really keep them on a schedule. I think that will help more than anything.

Matt is spending a lot of time with them. Molly seems to be nervous around men. You can tell she wants to love them. She'll go over to Matt very carefully and he'll pet her and talk to her - then she comes back over and gets in my lap and looks at me like, "I'm just not too sure about him yet." :-) It's so sweet.

They are absolutely no problem at all - very sweet angels. Scout is always very concerned about Molly. He wants to see what she's doing and make sure she's ok.

I wish I knew what their lives were like before. There is this sad look in their eyes that just breaks my heart. Scout seems to be coming out of it faster than Molly. It looks like Molly has had at least one litter of puppies. I think with a safe place to stay, yummy food, walks and some love, they'll come around quickly! I'm so glad we're getting to spend this time with them :-)

This evening we're going to work on walking up and down stairs. Scout is terrified of stairs. He is also afraid to walk on the hardwood floors. The downstairs room they are in has carpet and he seems fine with that.

Scout and Molly have made huge strides in the few days they've been with Marcie and Matt. Dogs are resilient creatures. Scout and Molly have been through a lot in their short little lives, but, as Marcie stated above, with some love and kindness, they'll be ok.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Safe & Sound

After a very long day in the car, Scout & Molly are safe at home with Marcie and Matt. The transport went well, and everyone was very excited to meet the two. Here is a picture of Vicki, Scout, and Molly. Vicki drove the dogs from Atlanta, up to Marcie & Matt:

Here's what Vicki had to say about her leg of the transport:

Scout and Molly were super easy in the car, even though Scout somehow managed to unbuckle himself and fall on the floor between the hammock and the front seat. Luckily, he wasn't tall enough to climb over and get my chili dog lunch. :) I could see a nose poking over and hear lots of sniffing, but he eventually gave up and climbed back over and went to sleep next to Molly.

Below is an email we received from Marcie this morning:

They were so happy to be in our home last night. They just loved it. I hated to drop them off at the vet this morning.

We took Molly and Scout out for a very short walk around in the yard around 10 p.m. last night and then they went to bed. They didn't make a peep all night. I took them out around 6 a.m. to potty and they had not had any accidents in their crate! I think they're going to be pretty easy to train. I sing the potty song to them when they go outside and they get so excited! They seem so proud of themselves :-)

Molly is really shy. Scout seems to do ok. I already love them so much. Matt has fallen for them, too. They're so gentle and easy to handle. I heard Matt sneak downstairs to tell them goodnight and that he loves them. It was so cute.

Things were so crazy this morning that I forgot my camera! I'll send pictures this evening. Although I didn't get any good ones. We were so busy with baths and exploring that we forgot to take many. They're not easy to photograph either - I have a lot of Scout's nose pressed against the camera lens :-) He's a nut!

Scout & Molly will be spayed and neutered today, and we'll see what else the vet has to say about their health. Molly has completed her heartworm treatment and seems to have responded well. She needs to remain somewhat quiet until 6/15, as it's important her body have a chance to rest and recover from the hearworms.

Please send good thoughts to Scout and Molly while they're at the vet today. While we're sure they'll be just fine in surgery, they are a very bonded pair, and being seperated today will be difficult for them. These pups have already been through so much together, but we think they're beginning to understand that happiness is headed their way!