Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Scout & Molly Pictures!

Scout and Molly continue to make huge strides! Scout is a total ham, and Molly is really opening up now. Here's an email update from Marcie:

"They loved meeting Matt's parents this weekend. And, my sister came over with her dog and Layla the beagle. They had a blast. I tried to get pictures of Molly playing but she's afraid of the camera...
Miss Molly is doing much better with Matt. I've been having him walk Scout and I walk with Molly. Before, Molly would tuck her tail and try to get as far away from Matt as possible. But, now she wants to walk beside him. If he tries to talk to her, she gets nervous. But, she is definately showing interest in getting to know him..."
And below are some great new pictures of the two:

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